HIJK Child Care Inc.

That's right, DROP-IN CARE!!

Here at HIJK Childcare Inc we are now providing Drop-in care.  This includes; Mommy/daddy day out, date nights, late nights, preschool, school out days, sick days, temporary care, overnights, etc.! 

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We are not a typical drop-in center however.  As we are a traditional in-home daycare offering this, you get the perks of a drop-in center without all the stipulations!  Most drop-ins in the area don't open until 9am.  Our Hours and Rates are made to fit best with you and your family! Most drop-ins require not more than 6 hours a day, or 15hours a week.  While we do have schedule limits, we can exceed these hours and can work with you on times that work best!


Mommy/Daddy's day out

A mommy or daddy's day out can be a variety of things.  Maybe you have some errands to run and think your little one(s) would have more fun playing and learning with other kiddo's instead of tagging along.  Maybe you would like to have lunch with a friend or family member.  Maybe you'd just like to get some time to clean up the house!  No matter the reason, a mommy or daddy's day out can be a great chance for some adult time while the kid(s) have a blast!

Date night

Date nights are usually during the evening, and are a time for mom and dad to spend some time ALONE together.  Parents need a fun night together to keep their relationship going.  Have fun with your spouse while your kids are having fun with their new friends!

Late night

Late nights are somewhat similar to date nights, and are usually in the evenings.  This is more of a time for things such as a late business meeting, work get together, night with friends, etc.  Late nights and date nights are available until 10pm.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays younger children will be put to bed between 7pm and 8pm (depending on age) and can be woken when parents return.  Older children may be allowed to stay awake until parents return, and can lay down quietly with a movie.

School out Days



Children attending school may not have a regular sitter or daycare.  We can provide care on school out days for children up to 13yrs old.  We often have field trips on these days, and have toys/activities for children of ALL ages to enjoy!

Sick days


Sick day care is for children that are feeling a bit under the weather, and are unable to attend their regular care or school.  Parents can't always take a day off for a cold, but we can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child while they're not feeling well.  Children severely sick may need to stay home with mom or dad.  We're happy to discuss if we're the right place for you under the weather little one!


Drop-in/backup/sick care during the week is open Monday-Friday from 7:45am to 5:15pm.

We will try to have on late night/date night per month depending on parents needs.
The hours of these nights will be 5:30pm-9:30pm. 

Wednesdays we have church at 6pm and will not be providing late night/date night care.  We will be open 7:45am-5:15pm on this day.

Sundays we are closed all day for church.



Our rates are based hourly.  School out days are priced separately.  Sibling discounts offered.  Save on your hourly rate by purchasing a 12 hour, 24 hour, or 48 hour ticket!!

Rates for children under 1year: 

  •  Days: $7/hr
  •  Evenings: $7.50/hr
  •  Sick care: $8.50/hr


Rates for children 1-3years:                  

  •   Days: $6.50/hr
  •   Evenings: $7/hr
  •   Sick care: $8/hr


Rates for children 3-5years:

  •   Days: $6/hr
  •   Evenings: $6.50/hr
  •   Sick care: $7.50/hr


Rates for children 6years and up: 

  •   Days: $5.50/hr
  •   Evenings: $6/hr
  •   Sick care: $7/hr
  •   School Out Days:  $25/day


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